Cue the cheese…. conGRADUATIONs!

After two years in the wrong course (because who wants to learn about Socrates and a bunch of other dead folks, really), a year of ‘soul-searching’ (if you can call it that), two years in the right course (but in the wrong place) and one (sometimes boring, sometimes exciting) year in the most perfect place on earth (for me anyway)… the time has come for me to finally graduate…

Cue happy dancing that would put even the most embarrassing dad dance to shame.

… and I gotta say all those happy ‘woo I graduated’ Facebook statuses (mine included), selfies with the people who provided you with chocolate during yet another Thesis Mental Breakdown and the awkward ‘congratulations, keep in touch’ hugs with lecturers you only spoke to once don’t make up for those GOD FORSAKEN HATS! No amount of bobby pins and hair pins will ever keep that hat on the right way. Being a person with quite an elfish face (like Lord of the Rings not elf on a shelf) graduation caps look absolutely ridiculous on me.

Anyway… apart from the annoying hat, awkward hugs and painful high heels (but so definitely worth it! OMG fuck me shoes) the day was worth the sleep deprivation and travel time! Even if I did spend 30 quid on university merchandise (but mom I really need that graduate teddy!!!!)

Here’s to the next step methinks… time to get that all elusive ‘big-girl’ job.

#dancer #graduation #nextstepinlife #jobsearch



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