Looking back, planning forward… and having a meltdown.

As you can plainly see… sticking with a journal of any kind (apart from my ticket-stub-filled travel journal) is not my strong suit… nor is getting a real job apparently.

It’s been roughly five months since my last attempt at recording the events (or lack there of) of my  life, looking back over the last while, it seems, I haven’t accomplished much… so lets start out the new year (yes I know we are half way through January, shush) with a positive glance back at the last 5 months….

  • I turned 24. OK, so not really an achievement, but hey its my last year of ticking the “16-24” category in surveys and forms so lets make the year count.
  • I went to ScotlandAgain, not an accomplishment, since it was a 5 day “mother-daughter” trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh (sponsored by my dear sweet mammy, who bought me loads of clothes, that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. ILY MUM)… and hey, we actually got along brilliantly.
  • I read 47 books in 2016That’s on top of all the reading I had to do for my Thesis! Besides, 26 of those books I read in the last 5 months, that’s kind of impressive and that’s not including all the re-reading I’ve done (Yeah 50 Shades of Grey, I’m looking at you)
  • I got a kitten from a rescue centre.  Yet again, not an accomplishment, but worth mentioning… photographs will be posted as soon as she has recovered from her spaying operation (and doesn’t have to wear a cone around her neck, like some dog that licks his balls too much).
  • I passed my driving testThat only goes to show that I am no longer a menace on the roads and you all can rest easy at night… and hello!!! 24! about time!
  • I got my driving licenseThis had to go in a separate bullet point, because OMG it took forever to come!! I passed my test on the 5th of Dec and because I was born abroad, I had to provide all sorts of ID and proof of residency and all that good stuff, in order to get a license… and then with the Christmas holidays it took even longer for them to process everything, but finally on Friday the 13th (ironically a lucky day for me… my grand-aunt always said its because there were no witch trials in Eastern Europe and my ancestors were witches and survived… a load of bulls***) I received my license. Hallelujah!
  • I got a new bedI love it… all Kingsize-memory foam-squishyness of it! (bye bye old single bed of my teenage years)
  • I survived the holidays with my familyConsidering, my brother (and his wife and daughter) live abroad , and I don’t see them that often, I should be thrilled to have them here… and I was… for the first few days. Seeing as there are roughly 7 1/2 years between my brother and myself… I’ve always (or at least since about the age of 8) felt like an only child… so, silence in the house and control over what and when I eat has always suited me… but with 4 adults and a 2 1/2 year old in the house… well things were a little different… at least I got to still sleep in my bed… for the most part.

and last but certainly not least…

  • I wrote a book. Or at least I am in the process of writing one… I am currently finished with my first draft, and according to the people I’ve spoken to about it… I  stand a good chance of being published… and although I never really thought I would write a novel (especially so soon after having to write a thesis), but once I started writing, I couldn’t stop… the story just kept pouring out of me… so you never know… I may be a published author soon.

So there you have it… my concise description of 5 months in the life of a twenty-something, unemployed dancer. Stay tuned for more horrific grammar and random stories about my life…and if there’s stories you want me to tell (or questions you want answered) jet let me know…

but for now… I am going to rest in the lovely (and I imagine; tan and muscular) arms of Morpheus (at least I learned something in mythology class) and dream about snow.



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