Car Headaches

So, as you know I passed my driving test in December… and I waited until end of January ’till I got a car. And I repeat myself…


It is a very tiny, very cute Opel Corsa. (Manual transmission … because what do I want to drive a big go-cart for?… sorry automatic car owners) And I am very much in love with it (except for the lack of heater… more on that in a bit)… and the best part? It’s a 3 door… so I can be very selective about who grabs a lift with me.

To anyone from the U.S who have been behind the wheel since the age of 16…yeah… not how it works here in Ireland and the UK… considering that we’re not allowed to sit our driving test till 17/18 years old (and here getting a license is way more difficult) and most don’t bother until after uni, just not worth it when your insurance is going to be atrociously high and the public transport system (though unpleasant and not that inexpensive) services most areas. Most.

In the part of Ireland where I am from, a car is a necessary luxury. Unless you work in this tiny town or are fortunate enough to have a lift everyday (without a fail…because most bosses don’t give a crap if you couldn’t get to work on time because the person giving you a lift wasn’t able to that day… that’s your problem not theirs), you need a car.  “What about that public transport system?” I hear you say… well these rules do not apply to Donegal… I mean yes, it is entirely possible to get to say… Letterkenny or Derry from where I live… but only if you work between the hours of 7:30 and 18:30… any earlier or later and you’re stuck and have to phone a friend or a taxi… and then there’s the chance that the bus is running late (thanks Bus Eireann for making me freeze my buns off in an un-sheltered bus stop for hours at a time every winter for a good solid 5 Years) and with the weather we sometimes get, not running at all (although in those cases nobody in their right mind would leave the fireside to go somewhere when the weather is that bad). So here in the arse-end of Donegal you need a car to do anything.

But the lack of transport is not what I came on here to rant about…

I absolutely love my car… Shes easy to park, pleasant enough to look at, and most importantly she is super easy on fuel…BUT I’ve had her less than a month and the heater is gone. Now its not so bad in terms of actual heat, because the weather hasn’t been that cold lately (with the exception of the odd stormy night), it’s more of an issue when its dark (at like 5pm… thanks winter in Ireland) and the skies have opened and it’s raining like Noah has built another Ark, and you’re coming home after a days worth of shopping with mum and you’re trying to get up that bitch of a hill in Letterkenny while being stuck behind a driver who’s even slower than you are…. all of a sudden you can’t frickin’ see… the car has steamed up so bad… you’ve tried wiping down the windscreen… nope… nothing left to do but drive with the window down… so 25 mins later, you’re home… slightly damp from the torrential rain that got in through the open window and with frozen hands… and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Fingers crossed I can get this sorted soon, because my NCT is in a month… oh joys!



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